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Regrowz SerumRegrowz Serum

the natural product
Hair Regrowth Serum

The serum is made with natural extracts that promote hair growth naturally with regular usage

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Scalp Stimulant

Using the dropper bottle dispense sufficient Scalp Stimulant liquid onto the areas of the scalp where there is hair loss or thickening of the hair is desired. Use a brush or comb to help massage the solution into the scalp.

Wait 30 minutes for the Stimulant to fully absorb into the scalp before applying the Restoration Serum.


Restoration Serum

The Restoration Serum is applied after applying the Scalp Stimulant (Remember to allow 30 minutes between applications). Squeeze a few drops of the Serum into the palm of your hand and then evenly apply it to the scalp concentrating on areas of hair loss or where thickening of the hair is desired; Apply additional Serum to the surrounding hair to give overall strength and thickness. Massage the Serum into the scalp by hand for about a minute.

Leave the Restoration Serum on the scalp for at least 60 minutes and then either wash the solution off using a mild shampoo or leave it in overnight. If you are leaving the solution in overnight it's advised to cover your pillow with a towel.

What to expect

Some users see positive changes to the hair thickness within the first 30 to 60 days. However, depending on how long you have suffered from hair loss, you should typically see noticeable improvement after 3 months and a more significant difference after 6 months use. Once you have completed your initial course of Regrowz treatment is it recommended that you maintain its use to avoid hair loss returning.